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Not too long ago, one of the members of the Pixel Pints shared with us a simple webapp that he found for building top-whatever lists, called Topsters.

I decided to play around with it a bit, and, as I mentioned in the last post—which was itself a top 20 list—I wanted to have an overlay for links on top of the image, so it was more like a widget instead of just an image. The power of Topsters is not the image that it generates necessarily, but how easily you can generate the image by querying a bunch of APIs based on your media selection (books, albums, movies, or games). So, in that regard adding a little flare to the image seemed appropriate, and why not give it some interactivity? Topsters itself utilizes a canvas element to arrange the pictures of the book, album, movie, or game covers. I could always consider maybe doing that myself, or