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I still can't believe it. I've been in shock for the last couple of weeks. UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life is something that I've wanted desperately to believe in since I was little. Though, I will say, the facts are still lacking... Not that I would believe it if I were to see a news clip. But if there were a way to go see the debris with my own eyes... Maybe a public exhibition now that this stuff is nearly a century old.

People like to say “there's no evidence!” Which is true if you're just paying attention to congressional hearings and mainstream media. This is stuff that has been being talked about for 30+ years now. Regardless of whether or not you believe Bob Lazar, his statements have been given some credibility now that a Pentagon employee has testified under oath and confirmed that the United States has recovered craft and non-human biologics. George Knapp was there for both Lazar and Grusch... David Grusch is taking the spotlight as the guy confirming all this shit, but it'll be interesting to see what actually happens going forward. No one at work seems to be talking about it. I don't hear people in the streets shouting about aliens. Sadly no one seems to really care without actually seeing it with their own eyes.